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Landscape Designer

Benefit from the expertise of a landscaping professional for the design, construction and maintenance of your outdoor and indoor space in Brussels: garden, swimming pool, terrace, balcony, courtyard, patio, condominium garden, rooftop, vegetable garden and vegetal interior design.

What Landscaper Designers and Gardeners can do for you

  • Creating and customizing an outdoor living space, whether it is private or shared with others
  • Providing mockups, sketches, maps and 3D renderings in order to help you picture your future environment
  • Specifying your landscaping project: materials, plants and furniture that will be used
  • Choosing plants according to sustainable and responsible criteria, such as drip irrigation
  • Providing advice regarding the day to day maintenance of your plants or choosing the right gardener for your space
  • Integrating a vegetable garden into your ornamental garden
  • Designing, installing and maintaining an indoor vegetal space

Vegetalising your business (office, shop…)

Creating a business environment that contributes to the well-being of visitors in your shop, lobby, waiting room… Solutions such as an indoor plant wall can be considered.

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Collaborating With a Landscape Designer or a Gardener: How It Works

Step 1: Initial interview

A landscape designer meets you at your home in Paris or Île-de-France area. The goal of this first meeting is to define your landscaping project. Landscape architects help you conceive, visualise and define your green space, so that it is the most welcoming, relaxing and aesthetically pleasant.

Main takeaways from the first meeting:

  • Inventory of needs
  • Measurements
  • Orientation study
  • Environment study (soil…)
  • Brightness & darkness (indoor space)
  • Hygrometric measurements
  • Early diagnosis of strenghts and shortcomings

All these takeaways will help your architect to formulate specifications.

Step 2: Specifications of your landscaping project

  • Following the first meeting, the landscape designer or gardener sends you a proposal with attachments such as sketches, 3D plans and a list of suggested furniture, material and accessories.
  • After you validate the orientation, more technical details are provided, that will ensure the proper execution of the project. These specifications are also intended to be shared with the company that will carry out the works.
  • During this stage, landscape architects can design custom furniture for you, such as planters, basins, fountains, garden furniture, storage units.
  • Based on these specifications, several contractors are contacted in order to get quotes for the work execution. The landscape designer assists you in choosing the best offer.

Mediterranean garden with Provencal vegetation in the Brussels-Capital Region

Mediterranean garden with Provencal vegetation

Step 3: Execution by a gardener

There are two ways to execute the project:

  • Your landscape designer or gardener is also in charge of executing the work
  • Your landscape designer monitors the work performed by a contractor

Upon delivery of your project, you will receive all the information necessary for the proper maintenance of your space.

Works usually carried out in landscaping projects:

  • Earthwork
  • Landscape masonry
  • Flooring
  • Container set up
  • Selection of plants in nursery
  • Planting
  • Watering and lighting

Landscape designer or gardener fees

You can hire a member of our collective for one step of your project only, or for the entire project.

Step 1: Initial interview

€80 / hour (refunded if first meeting is followed by specifications)

Step 2: Specifications

For a small space, or indoors only Quote will depend on the complexity and surface of the project
Between 20 and 100 m² From €1,500
Between 101 and 300 m² from €2000
Area greater than 301 m² from €2,500

Step 3: Execution & Coordination

For a small space, or indoors only From €400
Less than €15,000 of works From €1,500
From €15,000 to €30,000 11% of the works amount
From €30,000€ to €60,000 10% of the works amount
More than €60,000 9% of the works amount

Example for a full landscaping project

For a 40m2 terrace, after refund of the initial interview :

  • The study of your landscaping project is billed approximatively €1,500
  • If the total of contractor’s and craftmen’s quotes is €5,000, our fees are for coordination is approximatively €1,500.
  • Full project (specifications + coordination) is charged €3,000.

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